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Phonics - learning to read

When a child is struggling with reading, we want to know why and how we can help them. This applies whether we are part of their family, their teacher or someone else who recognises that Billy or Tanya is just not ‘getting it’.

Children are taught using a range of methods and phonics, the way in which sounds are put together, is one of the most important. The current government is looking at tests of phonics for 6 year olds and this will include ‘real’ words and nonsense words. Some critics would say that a reading test that focuses only on phonics however may not identify some children who continue to be at risk of underachievement.

Programmes like Hairy Phonics which are multisensory and fun can help the child to experience phonics success right from the start. Using colour, sound and regular daily practice, most children will make progress. When they continue to cause concern, that’s where an expert needs to be consulted.

Hairy Phonics is an exciting new product designed to teach and assess ability. More details can be found here:


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